Product Warranties

Mailing Lists:

Lists are guaranteed 95% deliverable via first class mail through the USPS. I will reimburse you for the cost of the name and the postage amount not to exceed 1oz. first class mail for all mail pieces returned by the USPS in excess of 5%, if returned to me within 30 days of receipt of the list. Please note that 120 day late mortgage files are only guaranteed 90% deliverable.

Phone lists:

Telephone numbers are guaranteed 80% correct if called within 30 days of purchase. The guarantee is valid on land lines as well as mobile phone lines. I will compensate you for the cost of the record associated with the incorrect phone for all numbers that exceed 20% of the list under the following circumstances. You must call the entire database purchased. You must note each bad number and the reason that you feel the number is incorrect. There are many reasons that a number can be bad; disconnects, person whose name is on the list is not at the number dialed. No answer or answering machine are not reasons that a phone number is not valid. You must mark up the file with each valid reason and return the file to within 30 days of purchase.

Email lists:

Email files are guaranteed to be 80% deliverable if emailed through a valid service within 30 days of file delivery. Files must be broadcast by a known and reliable service. Acceptable reasons for non-deliverables are as follows; A non-existent email address, not deliverable emails. Non-acceptable reasons are; mailbox full, vacation auto reply or blocked email. I will reimburse you your purchase cost for all emails returned in excess of the guarantee if returned to me by email within the 30 day time line and only on the first broadcast. A report from a data validation service is not an acceptable defense for bad addresses. The file must be broadcast in order to be measured for deliverability.