Federal and State Tax Liens Mailing Lists

Homeowners who have received a tax lien, usually against their home in the last 30 days.

Recipients of liens are are often overlooked prospects for parties interested in selling their home.

These homeowners have usually received notice in the last 30-59 days that a Federal or State tax lien has been placed on their home.

They have an incentive to borrow funds in the form of an equity loan or remortgage the property depending on the amount of the lien. Or possibly be forced to sell in order to satisfy the lien.

You can select the list by geography and or lien amount.

The output on the list contains:

  • Owner Name and Mailing Address
  • Situs Address of Subject Property
  • Lien Type
  • Creditor
  • Lien Amount
  • County of Origin

The Cost of Our Federal and State Tax Lien Mailing List

This absentee owner list is priced at 20 cents per record with a 5,000 name minimum order.

  • This file is compiled from County Courthouse records and is updated monthly.
  • Guaranteed 95% accurate for all fields of data within the file.
  • A flat fee of $25.00 is charged to each order for preparation and delivery.

The Accuracy of Our Federal and State Tax Lien Mailing List

At Lead Dog Information Services, we understand the importance of providing only the highest quality, accurate lists. We ensure that those interested in marketing to Federal and State Tax Liens are able to not only get in touch with these individuals but segment those who would benefit from their particular products or services.

Every month, we update all of our lists of absentee owners from county records. All of our lists come with a 95 percent guaranteed accuracy rate. Our lists also are very affordable. For example, you pay only 20 cents per record – and a $25 flat fee for preparation and delivery – when you place a 5,000 name minimum order.