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When you get a mailing or telemarketing lists from Lead Dog, you can be sure that you are getting the most accurate list available. Why? Because the success of our customers is our number one priority at Lead Dog – always has been, always will be. It’s the reason why we work so hard to make sure that no matter what type of list you need, we will provide you with that list. From business lists to late mortgage lists, vacant property or absentee owner list to consumer specialty lists – and everything in between – Lead Dog has you covered. Even more impressive than our wide range of lists, however, is the accuracy of our lists. When you get your list from Lead Dog you can be confident it will be the most precise, targeted list available.

Lead Dog knows that every company is different and their goals are different, as well. When you work with the professionals at Lead Dog, we will make sure that we understand exactly what your goals are before coming up with the perfect list. Are you looking to make immediate sales? Focusing on lead generation? The answer to those questions will drastically impact the type of list we provide. Whatever your objective, you can be sure that your list is perfectly suited to help you meet those objectives.

The right list also can help you save valuable marketing dollars. Consider these facts:

  1. The right list prevents you from wasting your time and money reaching out to people who are unlikely to   become customers.
  2. Your response rates will increase because you will only be contacting people or businesses who are interested in your particular products and services.
  3. A targeted list allows you to build a unique message tailored to fit your specific audience.

Lead Dog has been in business for a long time and we are proud of that fact. What we’re most proud of, however, it’s the fact that we’ve helped our customers become so successful. Give us a call today to learn how we can do the same for your business.


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