Lead Dog’s Foreclosure Mailings Lists are Updated Daily

Foreclosure Mailing List in Usa

Home foreclosures are rising sharply, up almost 700% as of January 2022. Foreclosure Mailing lists offer access to a stream of steady listings with highly motivated sellers. These properties often sell quickly, meaning short turnaround times – which, of course, means money in your pocket faster.

The Foreclosure Mailing List contains (where available) the following information:

  • Homeowners Name
  • Property Address
  • Property Details: Square Feet, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, Year Built, Estimated Market Value Range
  • Auction Date & Time
  • Trustee Name, Address & Phone Number
  • Lender Name, Address & Phone Number
  • Foreclosure Document Type & Date Filed

Telephone appends to the database is about 15% net of the Do Not Call list. Phone numbers are not appended the until order is placed. Quantity will not be available until after append process. All phones will append at a rate of 25% or higher depending upon geography

Lead Dog also offers Telemarketing lists as an add-on, inquire today!

What types of Accurate Foreclosure Data do we offer?

  1. Pre-foreclosure Mailing List: This is a list of homeowners that have failed to make their monthly mortgage payments and have been asked by the lender through the County court to either make up the late payments, or the County sheriff or a trustee will be asked to schedule an auction of the property. Pre-foreclosure notifications are also known as NODs, or Notice of Defaults and LIS, or Lis Pendens.
  2. Foreclosure Auctions Mailing List: Homeowners that have fallen behind on mortgage payments and the lender has asked the County government to auction the property on a specific date. Foreclosure auction notifications are also known as NTS’s Notice of Trustee Sales, NFS Notice of Foreclosure Sales and Also Sheriff’s Sales.
  3. Bank-Owned REO Property Mailing List: These are homes that have gone to County Auction and the highest bid was not accepted by the lender and therefore reverted back to the lender’s ownership. The term is an internal bank jargon for Real Estate Owned.

Filter Available by:

  • Date filed
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Lender Name
  • And much more!

Additional notes:

  • Timelines differ from 28 days to 368 days state to state.
  • Some states do not issue pre-foreclosure notices but go straight to setting auction dates.