U.S. Business Database

22,217,696 Business Professionals Emails
53,633,491 Professionals (Postal & Phone)
24,665,535 Company Sites (Postal, Phone, URL)
100% Postal Coverage
98% Phone Coverage
90% Email Deliverability



Completeness and Selectability

The depth of our data allows B2B marketers to segment based on marketing channel, firmographics, as well as professional demographics and profiles.

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Company Selects:

  • Industry (SIC 6 SIC-8 & NAICS)
  • Sales & Employees
  • Business Credit Grade
  • Years in Business
  • … and many more.

  • Job Title & Function
  • Direct-Dial Phone Number
  • Gender & Ethnicity
  • Owner & Entrepreneur
  • … and many more.


A Higher Standard of Quality

A multichannel database like no other; combining the best of the old-school and new-school business information.

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Great Sources:

  • 4 response-driven data partners
  • 36 membership databases
  • 100s of trade shows
  • 1,000s of webinars
Relentless Validation:

  • Updated monthly (postal) or weekly (email)
  • Social media profiles / activity
  • News and press release monitoring
  • Email & telephone verification
  • Email deliverability guarantee


Accurate by Design and by Rigorous Verification

direct mail marketing campaignOur entire database is updated on a monthly basis and undergoes a rigorous multi-step business and contact-level verification process to afford marketers the highest level of accuracy.

Onboarding and Validation Processes:

  1. New businesses and professional contacts added
  2. Multi-channel verification (NCOA, email, phone)
  3. Validated monthly against premiere data sources
  4. Ongoing removal of undeliverable email addresses
  5. Ongoing phone and email surveys and reporting



Specialty Databases

We maintain several specialty and hard-to-find databases, all of which are verified and deliverable to the highest standard.

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  • IT Exec’s. & Companies
  • Medical & Legal Specialists
  • Gov’t. Agencies & Officials
  • Construction
  • Educators & Schools
  • HR and Training Professionals
  • Tradeshows Attendees
  • Lawyers & Law Firms


Full Coverage

We embrace every data-driven application in both online and offline environments, including:

direct mail marketing campaign ideas
  • Email Prospecting
  • Direct Mail & Multi-channel Campaigns
  • Telemarketing & SMS
  • Modeling & Validation
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Ad-targeting
  • Mobile App & Directory Usage
  • Complete & Partial Database Installs