U.S. Business Database

14 Million U.S. Business Base
Price $45 Per Thousand Includes
SIC, Company Name,
Full Address…and more
Minimum Order: $200.00


The Lead Dog Information Services Business File is compiled from a variety of tried and true public information sources including Federal, State, and County records telephone and utility sources, daily business transactions, trade publications, industry directories, and more.

Lead Dog Information Services verifies our Business file with Directory Assistance Phone records and other proprietary methods to bring you a quality business file with less duplication and higher deliverability than other competitive databases.

Geographic Selections

  • State
  • SCF-Sectional Center Facility
  • MSA-Metro Statistical Area
  • County
  • Zip Codes
  • Rooftop Radius
  • Area Codes
  • Nationwide


  • $ 5/M – Contact Gender
  • $15/M – Company Phone
  • $15/M – Contact Name
  • $15/M – Contact title
  • $45/M – Contact Cell Phone

Business Characteristics

  • $15/M – Number of Employees
  • $15/M – Sales Volume Code
  • $15/M – Franchise
  • $15/M – Public Company
  • $15/M – Professional SIC
  • $15/M – Professional