Probate Leads Marketing

Probate Leads Automation

Be in Control of Your Probate Leads

Automate Your Probate Leads Marketing Program

Would you like a steady, predictable pipeline of new customers, from sources such as probate leads that put Proven Successyou in touch with sellers who MUST sell a property to complete the probate?

We work tirelessly every day on behalf of our subscribers, gathering the most accurate and freshest information about HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLERS & BUYERS IN TRANSITION. Our goal is to keep your probate leads pipeline full.

We enable you to focus all your time and energy with maximum intensity on what you do best – talking to clients & prospects and listing & selling – while leaving your probate leads marketing to us!

Our company has a simple mission. IF YOU MAKE MONEY, WE’LL MAKE MONEY! We know that meeting our subscriber’s needs is always the most important part of that equation.


No Contracts – All we require is 30 days notice if you decide to cancel
Payments – We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Leads – Every probate lead from your courthouse every 30 days