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Probate Real Estate Leads are a Largely Untapped Niche

Probate is a great source for highly-motivated leads that are typically not on the radar of the average Real Estate agent or Investor.

This niche is deals with people who have been named the Personal Representative, Administrator or Executor to the estate of someone who has passed away. Often Proven Successwhen someone dies, they may have property that must be dealt with. Sometimes the property is left to an heir. Other times the decedent has not left directions behind on how their property should be distributed or disposed of, sometimes a probate sale is necessary.

Property sold in Probate to settle an estate can be a stellar opportunity to purchase property at an attractive price.

  • Our probate data is updated monthly & provides every possible lead, directly from the local courthouses.
  • Each lead comes with up to 5 phone numbers associated with the Personal Representative; DNC numbers are marked as such.
  • If the Attorney information is available with that Probate Docket, we furnish that information for you as well, including their phone number & email whenever possible.
  • Whenever possible, we also email addresses for personal representatives.

We also partner with All The Leads to provide a complete CRM for you to not only manage your leads in, but you can also use it automate your Direct Mail Marketing – they can even do it all for you!

All The Lead’s Tools & Features:

  • Access & manage your leads right in the All The Leads CRM. Leads are automatically loaded into your CRM for you each month.
  • With over 25 letter & postcard templates to make setting up your Direct Mail campaigns a breeze.
  • Auto-Pilot settings for your campaigns to get your letters out the door fast!
  • Probate Credibility websites, pre-loaded with content & customized for you. Set up within just a few days so you can immediately begin marketing yourself as a probate professional.
  • Comprehensive Training – the ATL team hosts live training weekly & monthly, and has hundreds of hours of FREE training content available at your fingertips.
  • They also partner with an excellent Virtual ISA team who will call your leads for you and work hard to get appointments set, leaving you more time to focus on what matters!