Absentee Owner Mailing List

Absentee owner mailing lists with Equity selections are property owners who do not reside at the property they own.

Owners of homes in your area who do not live at the property they own are often overlooked prospects.

Professional uses for our Absentee Owner Mailing List with Equity Selectors

Property Investors: Absentee Owners mailing lists are a good resource to increase your reach in looking for potential home purchases. Therefore, these owners may be overlooked when targeting your market.

Real Estate Professionals – A marketing list of absentee owners is ideal for real estate professionals. Our list may consist of motivated sellers, especially those who own single-family homes. These owners may be tired of managing a property that they do not occupy. Additionally,  Absentee Owners may be investors in the market to increase their inventory of homes.

Homeowner Services – Absentee Owner may have a higher need for property maintenance services. This includes pool maintenance, landscaping and more if they do not reside in the same city or state where the property is located.  Engage these prospects by providing great information in a targeted and informative way using Lead Dog Information Services Absentee Owners mailing lists.

Sample Data that you can expect to receive from this Absentee Owner Mailing List

Filter this file geographically by local owners, out of county owners and out of state owners.   You can use any combination of the three.

The file comes with the following output fields.  (Where available)

The list now comes with 100% phones or 100% email depending on your marketing needs.   Phones and emails are an additional 5 cents each.
Download the record layout of the absentee owners mailing list data fields here.

  • Owners Name
  • Owner Mailing Address
  • Situs Address of Subject Property
  • Property Square Footage
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Lot Size
  • Last Market Sale Date
  • Last Market Sale Price
  • Current Home Value
  • Dwelling Type
  • Market Value
  • Loan to Value Percentage (Equity)
  • Psychographic data now available
  • Such as Age, Income, Presence of children, and dozens more

The Cost of Our Absentee Owner Mailing List

This absentee owner list is priced at 10 cents per record with a 1,000 name minimum order.

  • This file is compiled from County Courthouse records and is updated monthly.
  • Guaranteed 95% accurate for all fields of data within the file.
  • A flat fee of $25.00 is charged to each order for preparation and delivery.
  • Absentee owners are an untapped market for home services companies, property investors and real estate professionals. While these homeowners can be hard to reach, the benefits of marketing them are significant.

The Accuracy of Our Absentee Owner Mailing List

At Lead Dog Information Services, we understand the importance of providing only the highest quality, accurate lists. We ensure that those interested in marketing to absentee owners are able to not only get in touch with these individuals but segment those who would benefit from their particular products or services.
Lead Dog absentee owner mailing lists are filtered by local owners, owners who live in different counties, owners who live out of state, or a combination of all three. Our lists also provide several output fields depending upon the availability. These fields include everything from the owner’s name to the loan-to-value percentage to lot size and much more.

When you partner with Lead Dog you also have the assurance of knowing that any list we provide is exceptionally accurate. Every month, we update all of our lists of absentee owners from county records. All of our lists come with a 95 percent guaranteed accuracy rate. Our lists also are very affordable. For example, you pay only 10 cents per record – and a $25 flat fee for preparation and delivery – when you place a 1,000 – name minimum ord