Pre Foreclosure / Late Mortgage

Lead Dog Offers the Highest Quality,  Most Current Pre-Foreclosure & Late Mortgage Data


Our Pre-Foreclosure Mailing Lists will get you in touch with borrowers in your targeted area that are currently 30, 60, 90, or 120 days late on their mortgage. These people are typically very in need of help and are highly-motivated to find a quick solution to their financial problem.

These borrowers have missed their mortgage payment for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, times or more. They are looking to save their home or someone who can find a way to sell their home without killing their credit rating. That should be you!

With Pre-Foreclosure, Timing is Everythingpre-foreclosure-lists in usa

When it comes to contacting borrowers who are late on their mortgages, timing is crucial to your success. These borrowers are looking for help immediately. In most cases, the first person to contact these borrowers is the one these borrowers will sign with.

Beat your competition to the punch with an accurate mailing list and a diligent Direct Mail Marketing Campaign and convert these lists into real dollars.

Filter Available by:

  • Mortgage Balance
  • Home Value
  • Loan to Value
  • Number of Days Late
  • Dwelling Type
  • And more!

Pricing Information

  • Pre-Foreclosure Listings are only 25¢ each in quantities of 500 names.
  • Flat fee for each order of $25.00 for order preparation and delivery in .CSV format.
  • Each filter is an additional 3 cents per record.