Pre Foreclosure / Late Mortgage

Pre Foreclosure List -The Highest Quality and Most Current Information Available
30, 60, 90 and 120 days late.
Filter by Mortgage Amount, number of days Late, Dwelling type, Loan to Value and More!

Phones numbers available and are Do Not Call Scrubbed every 30 days.
Pre Foreclosure Listings are only 25 cents each in quantities of 500 names.
Flat fee for each order of $25.00 for order preparation and delivery in .csv

“We found Lead Dog through a real estate investor friend who recommended we give them a shot. And I’m glad we did!!! They provide us Pre-NOD leads to which we market to. The very first time we sent out our marketing the phone started to ring. We ended up getting 7 deals done in the first 30 days. It was incredible. We’re now going back for more! Would highly recommend the Lead Dog Information Services!”

David R, Houston Texas

Our pre-foreclosure lists will get you in touch with the borrowers that are currently 30, 60, 90 days late on their mortgage, and are in need of help. These borrowers have missed their mortgage payment for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, times or more. They are looking to save their home or someone who can find a way to sell their home without killing their credit rating. No matter what you offer, you can reach them at the time you feel your product or service will best serve their needs.  We can furnish you with their mailing address or phone or both.
pre-foreclosure-lists in usa

You can be the first to contact them with your offer.  You can beat your competition to the punch by using our leads! This file is used by Real Estate Investors, Loan Modification Experts, and Realtors who specialize in short sales.  All of these professionals have been successful by using our Late Mortgage Mailing List to improve their bottom line.

You can filter our Late Mortgage List by:

  • Mortgage Balance
  • Home Value
  • Hispanic Surname
  • Loan to Value

Each filter is an additional 3 cents per record Call, text or email to order your pre-foreclosure listing today.

This file is modeled but has a proven record of over 95% accuracy.

When it comes to contacting borrowers who are late on their mortgages, timing is everything. That’s because these borrowers are looking for help and they are looking for it now. In most cases, the first person to contact these borrowers is the one these borrowers will sign with.

“Thanks for providing such a great service! After mailing your list for just a few months, I received a number of well-qualified leads, which resulted in six properties under contract. We closed one last week for $30k profit! I appreciate your hard work and plan to do business with you for a long time!”

Nick G.,Real Estate Investor (TX)


Early-stage delinquencies are down slightly in 2017. This makes it more important than ever that your list of borrowers who are late on their mortgages is extremely accurate. After all, no one wants to waste their time contacting dead-end leads.

The key to success when it comes to connecting with people who are late on their mortgages is to get to them before your competition does. When you partner with Lead Dog, we will help you do just that!

Lead Dog provides our customers with the highest quality late mortgage lists available. These lists can be filtered in a variety of ways, from dwelling type to the number of days late to loan value and can also include phone numbers. Lead Dog lists also are priced right. Our pre-foreclosure listings, for example, are only 20 cents per lead when you order at least 500 names. A low flat fee will cover order preparation and .csv delivery.

At Lead Dog, our number one priority is the success of our clients. If you are looking for the most accurate, cost-effective list of borrowers who are late on their mortgages, give us a call. We look forward to helping you to design exactly the type of list you need.


“Thank you for this information. I will submit the info for the new list soon. I was so impressed with your service the first time that we used it. I intend to pass this info on to our investors that we know.”

Alexis W. Massachusetts

“It’s all good. Keep sending lists that I end up buying houses. I have bought 3 on the last 2 lists. Should have been 1 or 2 more but stuff happens. Happy with 3. Worth its weight in gold as they say. When will I get my file?”

Steve M, Tennessee